What is Rolf Structural Integration?

Rolf Structural Integration is a type of bodywork that goes deeper than massage and wider than chiropractic care. This technique may help treat injuries, pain, bad posture or muscle tension. It focuses on reworking the fascia, the connective tissue that wraps around every muscle and organ by turning stiff fascia into soft, we can reduce pain.


How does Rolf Structural Integration work?

The tools of the trade are fingers, hands, and elbows. Rolf Structural Integration includes palpitations and pressure to help release constricted fascia. Unlike massage, which often focuses on relaxation and relief of muscle discomfort, Rolf Structural Integration is aimed at improving body alignment and overall better functioning.


What are the benefits of Rolf Structural Integration?

If you want more flexibility, less back pain and be able to breathe with more ease then Rolf Structural Integration has great benefits for you. This kind of therapy promotes mobility, enhances breathing, improves posture, leads to greater balance and stability, can alleviate pain and improves body perception.


Why do we need to hydrate our bodies muscle fascia?

Fascia Researcher Robert Schleip, PhD, tells us that whole body stretches like this help keep your fascia hydrated and healthy. We tend to confine our full body stretching to the yoga studio.  But because human lifestyles have become so sedentary, our bodies crave those full body stretches much more frequently than a few times a week.


Did you know Rolf Structural Integration relieves tight fascia?

Fascia plays a large role in movement, especially in the transmission of energy. Our fascia is a “organ of form” and is believed to be malleable and shapeable through connective tissue treatment. We want to stretch our fascia to give it enough “fluid”, so it displays a higher level of tensile strength, and enables the freedom in our muscles and joints.


Fascia therapy is Rolf Structural Integration

When we release hard, thick fascia, the body will naturally reset itself and begin healing chronic injuries. That is why so many clients feel a real difference in their pain level, even after just the first session. Of course, Fascial Therapy is hot these days but it is essentially the healing touch and core business of Rolf Structural Integration.