Rolfing® Structural Integration is a physical therapy that helps to improve your posture and treats chronic muscular-skeletal pain conditions, such as lower back pain, sciatica and stiff and painful joints.

In ten sessions we work systematically through the whole body, addressing issues such as breathing, pelvic floor support and length and lift in mid-section.

Meet Ron Kelley, Boise’s Top Certified Advanced Rolfer.

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Rolf Structural Integration (i.e. ‘Rolfing®’) is Boise’s premier holistic bodywork transformation that stimulates the mind and body in synergy to create everlasting change by releasing fascial constraints. Everyone from elite professional athletes to those suffering from chronic pain can benefit from Ron Kelley’s advanced techniques and expert experience.

Making a life transition involves many factors. Ron himself discovered rehabilitation bodywork following years of injuries, so he fully understands the pain, dysfunction, physical and emotional stress, and structural issues that require attention. Book a whole-body treatment with the team at Rolf Structural Integration and begin the journey to complete body balance.

Ron Kelley Rolf Structural Integration Practitioner

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Learn more about how to achieve full-body balance through treatments that go deeper than massage and incorporate the entire body, not just the parts that ail you. We’re experts in dealing with chronic pain, sports injuries, muscle apathy and muscle/joint tension by focusing on the connective tissue around muscles and joints so you move better.

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We’ve helped many people on the journey to feel better through Rolf Structural Integration. Read success stories of our clients to see a profound effect this therapy has on physical, mental, and emotional ailments of people of all ages and backgrounds. We’ve helped everyone from wildland firefighters and athletes to everyday moms lead better lives.

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Book a Structural Integration Session here and stop debilitating pain. We firmly believe that every single person – regardless of sex, age or physical ability – will be better after a 10-session Rolfing protocol with Ron Kelley or Katie Hughes. Their extensive knowledge of fascial treatments can be your long-term solution on recurring pain and discomfort.

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