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Rolf Structural Integration Practitioner 

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About Katie

I grew up as a multi-sport athlete so when, as a young woman, I became a wildland firefighter, my body was prepared for rigorous demands it required. While working on fire engines and hand crews, I maintained high standards of physical fitness while learning to mentally power through difficult situations quickly and accurately. After 11 years of firefighting, three deliveries and five years of staying home as a full-time parent, my body suffered from multiple overuse injuries exacerbated by the difficulties of childbirth and post-partum complications. I found myself—a lifelong athlete—unable to run (or even walk!) without severe pain. I was not ready for a sedentary life so I sought healing from multiple doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists. Nothing worked long term and I ended up with a referral to an orthopedic surgeon. When surgery appeared to be my last resort, I started to research alternative healing practices.

My Journey

Aware that I was looking for alternatives to orthopedic surgery, a friend (who happens to be a medical doctor) suggested I give Rolf Structural Integration a try. After several months of regularly seeing Ron Kelley, here at Rolf Boise, I found myself getting back to the life I wanted: carrying my children, walking and running without pain. Rolfing paved my path to healing, and it did so without any surgery or recovery time.

Why Rolfing

My healing journey led me to a change in career: not only had I found a healing practitioner in Ron, I found a teacher and mentor. I became a licensed massage therapist and completed a year-long, one-on-one apprenticeship in Structural Integration with Ron here at Rolf Boise.

Having witnessed first-hand how Rolfing can release people from debilitating pain, I feel honored to guide individuals out of their pain. Chronic pain is certainly common, but my life and professional experience suggests it need not be the norm. I have worked on a wide-range of individuals (including moms, wildland firefighters, and athletes) to permanently eliminate their pain and I am confident that Rolfing can be a long-term solution.