Rolf Structural Integration Therapy

The best way to benefit from Rolf Structural Integration is with a ten session protocol. Each session builds upon the previous one, increasing the benefit of the bodywork with each passing week. We also offer maintenance sessions for those who have completed the ten session series.

The Ten Session Protocol

After much testing and refinement, the creator of Rolf Structural Integration, Dr. Ida Rolf, determined that the modality worked best when applied as a ten session protocol. Ideally, these sessions would take place once a week or every other week for ten weeks.

We believe that ten sessions (known as the “Basic Series”) is the amount needed to fully reset the fascia of your body. Each session builds upon the previous session, beautifully dovetailing with the progress we’ve already made. Just remember that it took a lifetime for your fascia to harden and constrict. A single session will start the change – and you may even feel significantly better – but your fascia will want to go right back to its previous state. The weekly sessions essentially re-train your fascia to be supple and soft again. We are also able to get deeper with each session, helping to exponentially improve your results.

This is why we ask that all new clients commit to the Basic Series. We do not support half-solutions or temporary results. We want to change your life forever and permanently take away your pain.

Maintenance Sessions

We offer ongoing maintenance sessions to clients who have completed the Basic Series. Though your body will feel like new, you must keep in mind that your fascia could harden and constrict again if given enough time. The same triggers that hardened it in the first place will do the same thing.