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It’s the treatment everyone’s talking about, but what actually is Rolfing and should you try it? Many people are passionate advocates of Rolf Structural Integration and have experienced incredible success with The Ten Series protocol. We are here for you and look forward to being on your health and wellbeing journey while you enjoy the health benefits of Rolf S.I. here in Boise, Idaho. The treatment has steadily been rising in popularity with athletes and dancers who use it to break up scar tissue and help fix injuries, but office workers are increasingly booking in for RSI and back pain, too.

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“I have beginning stages of tendonitis in both knees and elbows. The treatments I have had, have enabled me to hunt and ski again. I also usually have 1-2 back adjustments a year, but haven’t had, for the 2-years I have been to Ron for Rolf Structural Integration. My posture is also much better, which has eliminated the headaches I used to have in the back of my neck. Sounds like a miracle, and it is!”

Best thing you can do for your body

“Rolfing is an amazing experience and Ron Kelley is a master of his craft. I have gone through the 10 sessions with Ron and people who didn’t know actually noticed and commented on my posture. Ron is now helping me through an Achilles tendon rupture rehab and I believe I am healing faster and without problems in other parts of my body due to this injury. I can’t say enough how much this has also helped my husband who has two artificial knees and neck difficulties and Ron has kept him pain free.”


“The setting is very quiet and comfortable. Ron is very professional and warm. He has helped me with my posture which helps with my low back pain. Rolfing is not painful as I was told and I feel energized upon leaving my sessions. I highly recommend Ron.”

Healing and Resetting

“Ron is a marvel and has helped me heal and reset my body to its best condition. After each session I walk out feeling taller and more aligned. I consider Rolfing to be an essential part of health maintenance along with yoga, diet and exercise. Ron is a superb practitioner.”