What is Rolf Structural Integration?
Rolf Structural Integration is a specific type of bodywork that goes deeper than massage and wider than chiropractic care. Our methodology focuses on reworking the fascia, the connective tissue that wraps around every muscle, bone, and organ. By turning stiff, restrictive fascia into soft, pliable tissue again, we can drastically reduce chronic pain.

How Does Rolf Structural Integration Work?
The tools of our trade are fingers, hands, and elbows. Rolf Structural Integration includes palpitations and pressure to help release constricted fascia.

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A Long-term, Holistic Pain Reduction Modality

If you aren’t entirely sure what Rolf Structural Integration is (also known as “Rolfing”), you are not alone. Even though this powerful health modality has existed for over 80 years, it is still just beginning to gain popularity. To understand Rolf Structural Integration, you must understand fascia.

Fascia – A Spider Web Around Your Body

Fascia is everywhere inside of you. It is a fabric of proteins that wrap around your muscles, bones, and even your organs, including your heart, lungs and brain. Ideally, the fascia is soft and pliable and allows your muscles and bones to move in an unrestricted manner. Unfortunately, injuries, inflammation, or the poor posture of a sedentary lifestyle can cause fascia to harden, constricting bones and muscles. In essence, you become stuck. Your fascia forces your body into an asymmetrical and unbalanced position that leads to chronic pain and a higher risk of injury.

Rolf Structural Integration Relives Tight Fascia

Rolf Structural Integration is a modality that brings tight, constricting fascia back to its natural, pliable state. We believe that by releasing tight fascia, we can “reset” the body to its natural symmetry and balance. Clients walk into our office with shoulders hunched forward, chest caved in, and hips uneven, and leave with straight shoulders, open chest, and even hips.

The Healing Power of the Body

The body is an amazing self-healing machine…when it has the right tools. When we release hard, thick fascia, the body will naturally reset itself and begin healing chronic injuries. That is why so many clients feel a real difference in their pain level, even after just the first session.